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ABC's casting call for its new series The Gates revealed a massive supernatural spoiler about this small-town cop show. Turns out Rhona Mitra plays a vampire housewife, the town quarterback is a werewolf, and more. Spoilers ahead...


Leaked casting calls explain that the show takes place in a suburb of Chicago. Nick Monohan (Frank Grillo) a big-city cop who moves with his family to the idyllic burg, which he suddenly realizes is populated with monsters. Not a big deal, unless you're the guy they pick to police this small city. Now it's up to Nick to keep the peace. Sounds like Desperate Housewives meets Buffy with a lot of Eureka influences mixed in.

Here's a run down of the town's inhabitants:

Claire, [played by Rhona Mitra]: Stunning in a tasteful, suburban way. Deeply devoted to her husband and adopted daughter. The kind of woman who cleans the house, drives her daughter to school and makes cookies for the bake sale...all before Noon. Behind the perfect exterior though, she's falling apart inside. Unhappy constantly subverting her Vampiric impulses, Claire struggles to stay "on the wagon". Her addiction to hunting humans is a perpetual source of tension between her and her husband, Dylan.

Dylan [Luke Mably]: Extremely handsome and put together, late 30s. Even keeled with an exterior that's hard to read even if you know him well. A brilliant and strategic mind. Beneath his cool front is a passionate and deeply emotional man. Would do anything to protect the life he's built for his family at The Gates. Has a real soft spot for Claire even though her addictive personality continues to put their family at risk.

Brett [Colton Haynes]: Linebacker of the football team. Not a dumb jock, though. Genuinely smart. Usually highly successful in his love life. Struggles with his anger occasionally, which has serious implications since he's a werewolf.

Devon [Chandra West] Strikingly beautiful, mid-30s. A witch. Much more dangerous than she looks. A "Queen Bee" type. Will do anything and everything to gain power over those around her. Knows everyone in The Gates and as many of their secrets as she can acquire. Lures you in with her charm and empathetic ear.


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Image via Happy Rain Cloud on Livejournal, tons more awesome pics at the link. Photograph by Pierre "Rocky" Desroches.

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