ABC Looking For Huge Summer Impact

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A German mini-series with American stars about the international danger when the moon gets pushed onto a collision course with Earth... Sound weird? If ABC has its way, it may be your favorite summer show.

ABC has grabbed the American rights for Impact, a four-hour mini from Germany's Tandem Communications, proud makers of such Sci-Fi Channel Original Mini-Series as Lost City Raiders and Ring of the Nibelung, with an eye to making it a summer event, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Don't feel too bad for the Sci Fi Channel, however; they managed to snag second-run rights to the series, something that makes Sci Fi Executive VP Thomas Vitale very happy indeed:

'Impact' is an ideal acquisition for Sci Fi's weekend-movie franchise... A high-caliber disaster-genre film with such a stellar cast is a recipe for success for Sci Fi.


Sadly, as soon as he said that, everyone else realized that this is probably just another Mansquito and lost interest.

ABC nabs rights to German mini 'Impact' [Hollywood Reporter]

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Somehow I dought this will be much different from the normal astroid-hitting earth movies.

Obviously, the moon is quit a bit bigger, but I dont see it providing more interesting plot concepts.

I'd rather see something a bit more off the wall.

How about a giant pointed (presumably alien) cylinder crashs into the earth almost splitting it in too, creating massive enviromental problems the world over.

The only hope for mankinds survival is whats inside the mind-blowingly huge structure. The story could thus follow the explorers, who will naturaly be a rag-tag group as most of the worlds govements would have broken down.

Theres quite a lot of angles to explore in a story like that.