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ABC Invades Airspace To Promote V

Illustration for article titled ABC Invades Airspace To Promote V

ABC's controversial V reboot may be rumored to be in trouble before it's even started, but that's not stopping the network from aiming sky high when it comes to promotional plans for the show. And we mean that literally.


Starting on Friday and running until the premiere of ABC's revival of the alien invasion series, skywriters will create giant letter "V"s multiple times a day above 26 well-known American landmarks as a promotional gimmick for the show. The network has announced which landmarks have earned their own temporary air vandalism, so be prepared to look up in the sky to see if any local tourist spots qualify. We would've preferred giant remote-control spaceships, but we guess this isn't that bad a runner-up.

V launches November 3rd.

Sky's the limit for ABC's 'V' push [Hollywood Reporter]

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Look up, in the sky! It's a Y! It's a W! No... it's just another damn remake. #v