Abandon All Hope: A Live-Action Play-Doh Movie Is Happening

And thus, did Hasbro gaze upon the success of The Lego Movie, and did wonder: "How can we get in on some of those metric buttloads of cash?" The answer, apparently, was with the venerable modeling toy Play-Doh. The human race has no one to blame but itself for this turn of events.

The movie is taking shape — he said, assured that no one else has used this awful joke — through Fox with a script by Jason Micallef. According to Deadline, the studio is negotiating with Bridesmaids' (and soon-to-be Ghostbusters') Paul Feig to direct the live-action movie. Yes, live-action. HOW IS THIS NOT A CLAYMATION FILM? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, FOX?


The most obvious comparison is, of course, The Lego Movie, which everyone also treated with snark upon its announcement, before it promptly proceeded to blow our minds with a whimsical tale of imagination and creativity. Arguably, Play-Doh could do the same! But already, our minds are racing, and struggling to come up with, an idea that would work.

If it's live action, is the Play-Doh ancillary? Is it human beings interacting with Play-Doh? Will there be characters made out of it? Will said Play-Doh characters have to avoid the perilous fate of being eaten by some pesky toddler? Oh god, there are so many questions, and none of them seemingly have good answers.

You would think they would have learned after Battleship. You really would.



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