Aaron Sorkin's Pixar Idea? Talking Office Supplies.

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Way back in the mists of time, Aaron Sorkin was approached by Pixar—in the form of Steve Jobs—to write an animated feature for the studio. It never materialized, but Sorkin’s still got that idea kicking around.


Speaking to Digital Spy, Sorkin revealed that he wanted to do a sort of Shoemaker and the Elves meets Toy Story kind of idea:

What I was thinking about was everything we use to write: papers, laptops, those things. The writer, he’d be a secondary character.

All these objects you’d find in an office [would come to life]... Yes, don’t limit it to just what you’d use for writing, actually.


Sorkin goes on to explain that his inspiration is a joke about a writer with writer’s block who finds completed scripts on his desk, rejuvenating his career. One night, he stays up to find a leprechaun is doing all the work:

And the leprechaun says, ‘Well, it would be great if you could share screenwriting credit with me...’ So the writer says, ‘Go f**k yourself.’

So my Pixar idea is that instead of it being a leprechaun, it’s all the objects in his office. What if all the objects in his office are trying to help him out?

But I don’t have a second or a third act. I hear they’re important in movies!

It’s Sorkin at his Sorkiniest, writing about a writer not being able to write. He’s done a version of that plot in three separate television shows. And yet, he couldn’t finish this story. I can see the recursive end now: a movie about writer’s block, broken by animate office equipment, and the writer eventually manages to write his own acclaimed script—about animate office equipment. And so on, ad infinitum.

Read the full interview at Digital Spy.

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