No, your eyes don't deceive you — that's Aaron Eckhart and every single one of his abdominal muscles as "Adam Frankenstein," star of Liongate's I, Frankenstein, based on Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel. And yes, I assure you, he is playing the monster. The sexy, sexy monster.

Let's see the full thing, shall we?


Goodness. You may not have noted the scars hovering around Eckhart's bulging chest or rippling abs, but I assure you they are there. The reason they're so faint is because I, Frankenstein is set in the present day, where "Adam" is still alive and kicking, presumably thanks to his vigorous workout routine. This genetic quirk puts him the middle of a conflict between demons and warlocks, both of whom have plenty of reasons to make sure thie creature keeps his shirt off, presumably.

Say, I wonder what the Frankenstein monster looks like in the original graphic novel? How accurate is Eckhart's depiction of the character?


Nailed it!

[Via /Film]