A Zombie Destroys Two Brothers Forever in This Clip From The Cured

Image: IFC
Image: IFC

In The Cured, humanity has solved the zombie apocalypse. It’s over. We won. There’s a cure and everything but, those who were once zombies are not treated like everyone else.


That’s the set up to David Freyne’s new film, The Cured, which stars Ellen Page as the woman torn between her dead husband and his cured brother. And those two characters are at the center of this exclusive clip. Here we see Page’s brother-in-law Senna (Sam Keeley) thinking back to the moment that changed everything. When he and his brother were attacked by zombies.

That kind of intensity and violence isn’t the main drive of The Cured, but it’s in there. And when it comes, it has consequences. If you like zombie films, this is one that’s well-worth checking out.

Read our full review of The Cured below, then see it in theaters and on demand February 23.

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Alas, The Cured is not a film which pits Robert Smith against zombies.

That I would watch.