A young woman tries to aid a mentally ill man, but can't see his demons

After Bernard, a mentally ill vagrant, comes to the aid of compassionate university student Lourdes, she tries to repay him with a meal and a sympathetic ear. But Bernard's vision is increasingly crowded with vicious demons.


Peter Szewczyk's Our Lady of Lourdes uses visual effects to portray the horrors in Bernard's head—and leaves a bit of ambiguity as to their nature and their relationship to his tragic past—but the star of the film is the fledgling relationship between its two leads, played by Lech Dyblik and Naomi Scott. It's interesting to see visuals that we typically associate with the horror genre used as seasoning for a drama tale.

Warning: Contains a moment of sexual violence.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

Beautifully shot, with some wonderful character designs—the rebar-and-barbwire daemons look like avatars of the very God of Tetanus himself—but ultimately shallow and rather pointless. The performances were superb, and the FX well above average...but the end—despite being rather poignant and amusing—didn't really fit with the rest of the narrative. The echoes of Jacob's Ladder were well done, too, but as even a sketch it's just a little too...abbreviated.