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A Wry Teenager Tangles With the Supernatural in This Awesome Proof-of-Concept Short

Image: XYZ Films
Image: XYZ Films

Meet Baxter—a deadpan teenager who’s been accused of murdering his girlfriend, when really it seems she’s been spirited away into Cape Town’s supernatural underworld. Can the city’s drunkest mystical bounty hunter help him get her back? And where did that big-ass monster come from?


Michael Matthews’ Apocalypse Now Now is based on Charlie Human’s bestseller of the same name, and it packs an exceptionally textured tale into just eight minutes. But you can really sense there’s a lot more story to tell beyond what happens in that brief running time—the short is really more of a sliver than a complete tale. So here’s hoping we’ll see something more expand from this very promising proof-of-concept work.

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The lead image looks like psychotic Harry Potter.