A writer for X-Files and Breaking Bad reveals the secret aliens among us

John Shiban wrote some of the most acclaimed X-Files episodes, and then went on to work on Smallville, Supernatural, Star Trek: Enterprise and the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day. He also has worked on Breaking Bad from its second season onward.

So it's great news that Shiban is developing a new science fiction show, tentatively named Voyage, probably for AMC. All we know about the show so far is that it's about "the discovery of an alien race that may be interacting with humans." If it manages to live up to AMC's own Breaking Bad, then we could have a new stone classic on our hands. [Variety]


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Ah, he wrote some of last season's best episodes (Sunset being my favorite of S3) and he wrote "Negro y Azul", the Danny Trejo episode where he's introduced as Tortuga with the DEA, arguably one of the most "oh shit" episodes of Tee Vee I've ever seen. Sounds promising.