A Wretched Hive of Scum and...Well, You Know

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You're trying to finish a smuggling run and drop a load of spice in the Taanab system when a heavily armed ship shows up on your tail. Is it that bounty hunter Bossk, a Hutt crime lord, or maybe even a Dark Jedi? Now that your gamemaster owns Threats of the Galaxy, it could be any of them. Crap.


The first d20 version of the Star Wars Role-Playing Game did not have many fans, what with the lack of balance and generally overcomplicated rules. The recent Saga Edition, while still d20, is a sleeker, faster Star Wars RPG. But something was missing - bad guys. The void has been filled by Threats of the Galaxy. Essentially the Monster Manual for the Star Wars RPG, Threats of the Galaxy provides full statistics on a wide variety of general villain and NPC types (information broker, diplomat, pirate, Sith apprentice) and several specific villains from the entire spectrum of Star Wars mythology. The aforementioned Bossk gets a page, along with Darths Maul and Bane and many more. At more than 150 pages, your PCs are going to have their hands full.

Just a reminder to my fellow io9 gamers - I'll be at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio next week, bringing you all kinds of science fictioney gaming goodness. If you'll be at the con too, drop me a line via the email link on the front page. Maybe we can all get together for some Car Wars or old school Battletech. Image by: Wizards of the Coast/Lucas Books.


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@NefariousNewt: Star Wars roleplaying books make for fun summer reading. That's where I discovered everything I wanted to know about Star Wars cocktails! ;-)