This looks like a fissure in the fabric of space/time, but it's actually an art project in a New York City gallery. And to make matters even nerdier, this wormhole is crowdsourced and held together with binder clips!

According to Design TAXI, the tunnel starts out green and shades towards pink at its entrance. The installation started up last Thursday. Here's a map showing the whole thing:


It's dubbed, and it's the work of Softlab NYC at the bridgegallery at 98 Orchard St. (between Broome & Delancey.) The whole thing was funded using a Kickstarter project that raised more than its goal, and each donor will get their name etched on one of the panels used in the project. (And the donors each get one of the panels after the project is over.)

Design TAXI explains:

Attached to the window front of the bridgegallery, the gradual gradient from shades of green to pink are quite a sight to behold; its fluid, funnel shape comes across as something straight from a sci-fi film.

Made from 4,600 panels of printed photo gloss paper, the installation is secured together by just binder clips.



Way more pictures at the link. [Design TAXI]