It's true, thanks to Image's simian-filled,'70s-exploitation motorcycle gang comic The Humans! Plus: Marvel celebrates a special birthday, the next chapter of Firefly arrives, and something about a "Biscuit Hammer," al in this week's comics!

New Issues


American Legends #1 (Image) β€” Davy Crockett and other American pioneers must save Lewis and Clark from Napoleon's scheme to destroy young America. Bill Schwartz and Zachary Schwartz (W), Studio Hive (A).

Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1 (Marvel) β€” Various Marvel heroes remember, mourn and celebrate the world's most popular mutant loner. Various (W), Javier Pulido (A).

Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1 (Marvel) β€” The program tracks down its escaped test subjects, but they aren't the only ones hunting them. Charles Soule (W), Salvador Larroca (A).


Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1 (Valiant) β€” Gilad has spent eternity guarding the Geomancer, but suddenly he's faced with a new task β€” guarding a baby that may save the world. Peter Milligan (W), Cary Nord (A).

Fairy Quest: Outcasts #1 (Boom) β€” Red and her pet Mister Woof try to escape Fablewood by heading into the Dark Forest. It doesn't go well. Paul Jenkins (W), Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba (A).

G.I. Jane: Women of War #1 (Antarctic) β€” An assortment of lethal, lovely ladies keep the world safe from FOE, the Forces of Evil. Brian Denham and various (W/A).


Ghost Fleet #1 (Dark Horse) β€” A driver for the world's best, most secretive shipping program discovers he's transporting the key to a vast conspiracy. Donny Cates (W) Dan Johnson and Lauren Affe (A).

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1 (Zenescope) β€” A young actor finally gets his break, only for the dead to rise during his first script read. Ralph Tedesco (W/A).

John Carter: Warlord of Mars #1 (Dynamite) β€” John Carter must save Barsoom from an enemy who seems to have both his powers and his skills. Ron Marz (W), Abhishek Malsuni (A).


The Humans #1 (Image) β€” In a world ruled by sentient apes, this motorcycle gang rebels against simian society. Ape biker gang. That's all you really need to know. Keenan Keller (W), Tom Neely (A).

Over the Garden Wall Special (Boom) β€” Prep for the upcoming Cartoon Network show with this comic! Two brothers get lost in a forest unmoored in time and must find their way home. Pat McHale (W), Jim Campbell (A).

Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1 (Image) β€” A young girl finds a box on her doorstop that grants wishes, but there's always a catch… Michael Stock (W), Sina Grace (A).


Skyman One-Shot (Dark Horse) β€” Having defeated the Skyman program's assassins, Sgt. Reid is targeted by a new threat. Spencer Cushing (W) Manuel Garcia and Bit (A).

Spider-verse Team-Up #1 (Marvel) β€” Two tales featuring old Spider-Man, Ben Reilly and Spider-Ham, followed by the partnership of Spidey Noir and Six-Armed Spider-Man. Christos N. Gage and Roger Stern (W), David Williams and various (A).


Terrible Lizard #1 (Oni) β€” A girl and her mischievous T.Rex are the only defense against the other dinosaurs that keep showing up to rampage on Earth. Cullen Bunn (W), Drew Moss (A).

Tooth & Claw #1 (Image) β€” A desperate group of wizards brings a champion through time to save their world, but he may have only doomed it. Kurt Busiek (W), Ben Dewey (A).

The Zoohunters #1 (Aspen) β€” A man teaches his young son his trade for finding exotic alien animals throughout the universe. Peter Steigerwald (W/A).


Collections and Graphic Novels

Accelerators Vol. 1 (Blue Juice) β€” A group of time travelers get captured and forced to fight in a gladiator match featuring warriors from throughout history. R.F.I. Porto (W), Gavin Smith and Walter Flanagan (A).


Batman: Arkham Asylum 25th Anniversary Edition (DC) β€” When the inmates take over Arkham, Batman must face their hellish traps in one of the best Batman stories ever told. Grant Morrison (W), Dave McKean (A).

The Chronicles of Legion Vol. 1 (Titan) β€” Three incarnations of Dracula battle his brother Radu. Fabien Nury (W) Tirso and various (A).


Day Men Vol. 1 (Boom) β€” The world is secretly ruled by vampires. These are the men and women who do the ruling for them when the sun comes up. Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson (W), Brian Stelfreeze (A).

Haunted (Red 5) β€” The veil between the physical world and the spiritual realm has fallen, and one lone survivor must battle a world ghosts in order to raise the barrier.

Kinski (Image) β€” A man tries extreme desperate measures to rescue a puppy from its crappy owners. Gabriel Hardman (W/A).


Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Vol. 1 (Seven Seas) β€” A lizard asks a mediocre college to help fight the forces of evil β€” including the giant hammer out in space that's about to smash the world. Satoshi Mizukami (W/A).

The Leg (Top Shelf) β€” "The disembodied leg of Santa Anna has returned from the grave - and with Mexico once again in peril, it's up to the Leg to save the country in this rollicking, surreal adventure story" Van Jensen (W), Jose Pimienta (A).

Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus (Marvel) β€” The greatest Marvel comics every written, from the eponymous first issue of 1939 to the present day β€” all voted on by Marvel fans! Various (W/A).


Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 (Marvel) β€” Miles must face the man who killed Peter Parker, the Green Goblin, as Parker himself seems to have returned from the dead. Brian Michael Bendis (W) ,Various (A).

The New York Four (Dark Horse) β€” Four disparate women begin college in New York City in Brian Wood's acclaimed series. Brian Wood (W), Ryan Kelly (A).


Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (Dark Horse) β€” When one of the Serenity crew is captured, Captain Mal and the others risk everything to stage a rescue. Zack Whedon (W), Georges Jeanty and Various (A).

The Wake (DC) β€” A marine biology is spirited away to the arctic to investigate a secret from the bottom of the sea β€” a secret with devastating consequences for humanity. Scott Snyder (W) Sean Murphy (A).

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.