The characters in the short film Proximity barely move. After all, they’re kitschy ceramic figurines in some lady’s living room. But they still manage to make us giggle with this tale of love and revenge. Pixar this ain’t.


Joshua Cox directed Proximity, which was written by Edgar Leslie and Joe Burke. Over at his website, Cox explains the impetus behind the short:

The inspiration came from thinking about objects in a room and what kinds of problems could arise when placing them elsewhere. It was fun to look at the different ceramic objects and see how some of the ceramics were crafted with amazing detail and some were these melty looking weird little characters. I love creating believable moments of fantasy within reality in order to take the viewer to a new undiscovered place. There is magic in creating compelling narratives mixed with visual effects and design. CG is the perfect platform for experimentation and inspiration - to create something never before seen in the natural world. There are no boundaries or borders to contend with. You have the ability to design every aspect of the image without limits.


What’s great is that even though we do get some movement from the characters, Cox exercises restraint, letting a lot of the film’s humor come from the fact that these are largely static — not to mention fragile — statues.

[via Directors Notes]

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