A Wonder Woman TV series from the creator of Ally McBeal?

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Warner Bros. wouldn't go for Joss Whedon's take on Wonder Woman, and the amazon princess' movie has been stuck in development hell for a decade. But now Warners is developing Wonder Woman for television instead, with David E. Kelley.


Yeah, the Ally McBeal guy. Kelley, of course, was also the creator of Chicago Hope, Picket Fences, The Practice and Boston Legal, among other things. He also was the original showrunner of the U.S. remake of Life On Mars, before being replaced when the pilot was reshot. His most recent attempts at series, The Wedding Bells and Legally Mad, were cancelled after a few episodes and never aired, respectively.

Given that this is a Warner Bros. TV production, it could theoretically air on either The CW or Fox, which has run many WB productions in recent years (including Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.) Obviously, the show's chances of lasting a whole season are a few dozen times greater if it airs on The CW — otherwise, expect another Birds Of Prey or Bionic Woman.


What could you expect from a Kelley-run Wonder Woman series? Well, off the top of my head, lots and lots of campiness and lukewarm attempts to be topical. Just, please, no dancing babies. [Hollywood Reporter]

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Every other site makes it seem like this is green lit. I case my vote for Sarah Lancaster from "CHUCK"