A woman's curse gives her boyfriend superpowers in the webcomic Sam & Lilah

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Sometimes it's cute when couples have coordinating names: Adam and Eve, Dick and Jane, Luke and Leia (although the last one is a little gross). Sam & Lilah are just such a pair, with gym trainer Samson falling for hairdresser Delilah. But Lilah is suffering under a gypsy curse, one that ensures her boyfriends will live out the worst fate of their names. Sam might be in for trouble, but in the meantime, he's imbued with the superhuman strength of Samson.

Written by Jim Dougan and co-authored and illustrated by Hyeondo Park, Sam & Lilah begins with a mundane meet-cute over a cupcake at a Georgetown bakery. Lilah is sharp and beautiful, accustomed to getting what she wants, while Sam is funny and laid-back, a guy who happily identifies with Scott Pilgrim. But Lilah bolts after learning that Sam's full name is Samson. Undeterred, Sam tracks her down at her hair salon, where he convinces her to give him a haircut — and later finds that he's been sapped of all his strength.

Lilah, it turns out is under a gypsy curse, thanks to a Thinner-like car accident that happened when she was a baby. Any man she loves will live out the worst fate associated with their name. (Tragically, she discovered the curse was real after dating a guy named Jesus.) However, as Sam's hair grows back, his strength grows back tenfold. Soon he's testing out his skills as an amateur superhero.


But the curse's cons may soon outweigh its benefits; after all, the biblical Samson didn't live happily ever after. So Lilah starts going to some dark, mystical places to find a way to lift the gypsy's hex. And when one of Lilah's ex-boyfriends shows up, he's got a vengeful heart and a few superpowers of his own.

Sam & Lilah may start off as a lighthearted romantic comedy, but it's increasingly headed in a dramatic direction, and Dougan has plenty of clever (and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny) ideas for Lilah's curse. It also doesn't hurt that the whole thing is bolstered by Park's gorgeous artwork.

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Corpore Metal

So what if your a boyfriend how has a name that is not associated with any historical or mythological horror story and bad karma? Like Mingli, Todd or Sipliwo? Does she never meet boys with names like those?