It’s me trying to figure out what’s actually happening in this series.
It’s me trying to figure out what’s actually happening in this series.
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Hold up, what exactly is going on here? Filmmaker Ryan Connolly’s newest short film BALLiSTIC expands an ongoing scifi series that’s remained as beautiful as it is bewildering. But even if the saga’s mystery still doesn’t make a lot of sense yet, there’s still some amazing acting, camerawork, and special effects in there. Someone get this guy a movie deal.

The third film in an ongoing series that started in 2014 with PROXiMITY and continued last year with SENTiNAL, BALLiSTIC follows a young woman named Hannah (Dana Reid) who’s on the run from some well-armed guys trying to hunt her down. She uses everything in her arsenal to survive, from projectile bombs to a car door mirror, while a mysterious clock on her wrist counts down to... something. We’re not sure what—all we know at this point is the same clock mechanism was in SENTiNAL, though it wasn’t explained there either.


The action is juxtaposed with flashbacks to when Hannah was a little girl, trying to escape impending doom with her mom. I won’t say what the doom is or what happens to them, because some things are best left to be seen for yourself. Plus... I still can’t quite figure it out myself. Granted, that’s part of the fun—I love being thrown into a strange scenario so I can try and put the pieces together myself. It’s part of the fun! Connolly recently told Syfy that he’s planning on making a fourth film in the series that would ideally answer some much-needed questions, like “Seriously, what the hell is going on here?” In the meantime, we can sit back and enjoy the ride.


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