A woman runs life-saving errands for an employer who may be God

Alana works for a Peacekeeper, a mysterious figure who sends her phone calls and text messages about people who are about to die; her job is to make sure those people stay alive. Some people think her employer is God, but Alana isn't so sure.

Peacekeepers is a new web series created by Charlie Reeves and Maria Makenna. Makenna plays Alana, who has been working as an assistant to a Peacekeeper for six months. She's always on call to save folks who would otherwise die from choking, traffic accidents, suicide, and all other manner of calamity. Her boss seems to be omniscient and the pay is good, but Alana has a lot of questions. How do the Peacekeeper techs know what's about to happen? Where does the money come from? And if the Peacekeeper is God, why isn't he helping out everyone?


The first episode of Peacekeepers is fun, thanks in no small part to its witty main character. It also uses an interesting bit of video game visual language, which makes me wonder at the true nature of the Peacekeeper. The filmmakers have turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for the next two episodes of a planned six-episode series.

Hat tip to Gary for pointing us to this one!

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