A Woman Hides From Something Evil in Ultra-Compact Terror Tale Beast of Prey

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Beast of Prey, a new horror short from filmmaker Danny Donahue, runs just around three and a half minutes, and it’ll hook you in immediately. Amid a snowstorm, a woman barricades herself in a bathroom and frantically tries to figure out what she should do about the thing on the other side of the door.

Frankly, we’re a sucker for anything that evokes the Evil Dead universe, especially when we’re not expecting it. When Donahue sent over his short, he noted, “It’s loosely inspired by Native American monster myths, but now that everyone is in various stages of being trapped inside around the world, I feel like it taps into some contemporary fears and relates to the feelings of isolation as well.”


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Decent rising tension ruined by the reveal at the end. A problem with most shorts sadly. Yeah the creature is creepy looking but having it enter like that just drains the dread.