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If you're looking for something fun to put on your Kindle or other e-reading device, has just published their annual collection of some of their best stories. You can read them all for free on the web, sure, but now they're in a handy free ebook.


The stories include a lot of our favorite writers. There's Jo Walton's trippy "Sleeper," the strange "Insects of Love" by io9 contributor Genevieve Valentine, Max Gladstone's "everyday vampire" story "A Kiss With Teeth," the poignant "A Short History of the Twentieth Century, or When You Wish Upon a Star" by Kathleen Ann Goonan, Ken Liu's thrilling "Reborn," Adam Christopher's robot-detective tale "Brisk Money," plus Marie Brennan's "Daughter of Necessity." (Shameless self-promotion: it also includes my story "As Good As New.") All this, plus the supernatural chase story "Cold Wind" by Nicola Griffith, which we've praised before.

Find all the links to download the volume for whatever type of device you may have, over at

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