Why did it take so long to get a whole website devoted to unitards? Unitard Universe is the answer to at least one person's fetish, including some of the most embarrassing (and in one case, borderline obscene) unitards in history.

Unitard Universe is one of those sites you could spend hours poring over, for its insane wealth of unitard pics. They're broken into helpful categories, including science fiction, fashion, superheroes and reader pictures (also known as "U in a Unitard.") The mind really does boggle.

The site's webmaster occasionally stretches the definition of "unitard" beyond the commonly accepted one, and I've been left wondering what's the difference between a unitard and a jumpsuit. But even for unitard purists, there are still thousands of unitard pics to keep you amazed at the sheer optimism and boldness that went along with this colorful, usually way-too-tight piece of clothing.

Here are a few of our favorite images from the site — click over there to see many, many more. Fair warning: The Wonder Woman pic below (#14) may actually be NSFW, and is somewhat alarming. Consider yourselves warned!



New Songs Of The Seventies!

The Anna Copa Cabanna Show


Maria Brockerhoff

TRON, of course!


Kelly Preston

Dorothy Stratten in Galaxina


Diana Rigg. The watch chain is really what makes it work.

Pam Hogg


Sookie is Mahn! It's Anna Paquin.

Bruce Lee! Is that a unitard, or just matching shirt and pants?


Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

One of the site's reader photos. Someone named Raleigh Swick dressed as The Flash.


I did try to warn you. Really, I did.