Earlier this month, Joss Whedon put in his bid for the Terminator franchise, and it turns out we will see a Whedon writing a new Terminator comic. But it's Zack Whedon, not Joss, at the helm of this project.


Zack Whedon announced today that he will be writing a six-issue Terminator series for Dark Horse. Whedon didn't reveal much about the comic itself, but it sounds like we'll be seeing his take on the world after Judgment Day:

I just turned in the first script and I'm very excited about it. I love Terminator. I think that movie is so good. Holy Toledo is it good. Now I get to play in that universe and make up Terminator stories of my own that people will get to read. I am not a big-time, famous dude and yet now I am choreographing action sequences set in a post-apocalyptic future overrun by evil cybernetic organisms hell bent on destroying the human race.

Zack Whedon Reveals New Terminator Series for Dark Horse [Techland via Whedonesque]

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