A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost talk about the magic of menstruation

The second episode of Being Human's new season didn't really need to be a whole episode — but that's OK, because it did have this completely batshit insane scene. In which a bunch of supernatural creatures talk about the magic behind the menses. And now we all have to live with that. Spoilers ahead...

Overall, this was a perfectly nice episode that did manage to accomplish a few tasks. The Vampire realized his long dead wife was also a vampire and was (funny enough) still alive. But she never contacted her one true immortal love for some serious bull shit reasons, but also to hide the fact that she murdered their only human son in a fit of vampire hunger rage. Womp womp.

But she still feels really, really bad about it. And we know this because we got to watch her whip herself naked out of penitence. Or something. Long story short, this actress is very attractive and I like watching her and her painfully trendy pantaloons on screen. I also like it when Aidan the vampire freaks out over the fact that she's even wearing pants. I'm 100% not buying this "I didn't contact you for hundreds of years because guilt" stuff — but I'm also watching a show about a ghost a vampire and a werewolf who are all roommates. So sometimes, you have to give a little. So I give. Also too bad for Aidan's current girlfriend Cat (Kat?) who finally got him to say "I love you back." Your relationship is doomed.


In other news, Josh is no longer a reverse werewolf because of the very cool magic ritual Sally performed because of a super convenient magic book she found (on multiple spiritual planes — which, WTF was that???). All in all the ceremony itself, of Josh Tauntaun-ing his way out of his wolf form was very cool. And it reminded me of the end scene in Ghostbusters when everything is going to be OK and people are punching out of the ghost dogs. But things won't be OK, because Josh definitely came back broken, but Nora is too happy to care. And who can blame her.

Finally Sally.... still can't work up the nerve to care about this plot line. However, I still like this actress and her little mew mew-like kitty motions. She has grown on me. The scene in which she asks for Nora's period blood, however, was weird. But also funny. The cast at their best, but also at their weirdest. Best part of the episode? Yes? This scene is how I felt about this episode overall. God help American Being Human if it loses these actors, or their little cat quips.

Until next week, let's hope this is the last kind-of-yucky thing we learn about vampires.

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Question- I really liked the UK Being Human. I never got more than a few episodes into this one. Should I give it another go?