A Weird, Pseudo-Sexual Dream About Mega-Shark and Giant Octopus

Scientist Debbie Gibson has a flash of insight into how to defeat Mega-Shark and Giant Octopus in this dream sequence . . . which is weirdly sexual. I know, I know - how could it not be?

So Debbie goes to bed after hearing from the incongruously polytailed military guy that nukes are the next step in stopping the airplane-chomping shark and helicopter-smashing 'pus. She must save the ocean from nukes! And get another roll in the sack with her hot scientist boyfriend in Japan! How can she solve these pressing problems?


By taking a nap, of course. And dreaming of sunsets, and kissyface, and long long sharks, and giant tentacles in the sea, and bloody teeth penetrating soft wet sea creatures, and . . . um . . . yeah. Luckily she wakes up and conveys her brilliant idea to her old professor in this burst of amazing dialogue:

Professor guy: Wha?!
Debbie: Thrilla in Manilla!
Professor Guy: Come again?!
Debbie: We'll get them to kill each other!

This is a great movie, which will air like every weekend on SyFy for the next millennium. Catch it while it's still hot!

Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus via IMDB


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