A Webcomic About A Witch Learning To Bake Without Magic—With Recipes!

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Actually, there are two witches at the heart of Victoria Grace Elliott's webcomic balderdash! One is an elk rancher hoping to apprentice herself to a baker in a town that frowns upon magic. The other is a young sorceress running away from school. And we get to bake along with their adventures.


The first witch we meet of the pair is Georgie, a country girl who has lived among witches her whole life. While most witches prepare their food with magic, Georgie has been raised on natural cooking, and her very favorite dish is the delicate cake that comes from a bakery in the human city of Löffel. But when she leaves home to seek an apprenticeship, she finds that she and her magic may not be welcome among the humans.

City girl Afia is also leaving home, but it's a very different sort of home. Chafing beneath the academic strictures of her university, Afia decides it's time to learn magic on her own, although she may not be quite ready to embrace her own power. At some point, the paths of these two witches are bound to cross.


So far, the contrast between these two girls, their homes, and their ambitions is a large part of what makes balderdash! so much fun. Plus, I will fully confess to being a sucker for food comics, and Elliott is including some real culinary wizardry in the form of comic recipes amidst her illustrations of magic. And it will be interesting to see how these two characters — one looking to move more deeply into magic and one hoping to learn her trade without it — will bounce off of each other. And there are plenty of other strong personalities who are sure to be instrumental in Afia and Georgie's growth.

[balderdash!, or a tale of two witches / Patreon]

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Hmmm I like somethings about this premise but how much depends on the reader caring about food?