When Charles moves with his parents to a spooky old building in Echo City, he's not exactly thrilled to learn the place has a monster problem. But when he meets a mediator who deals with turf beefs between monsters and kids, he's not sure which is more intimidating: the monsters or Margo Maloo.

Drew Weing's The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo is one of those comics that instantly feels ripe for an animated series. Charles' father is hired to renovate a strange old apartment complex, and Charles is feeling rather grumpy about the whole thing. After all, he just left his home and all his friends—and he's pretty sure he's going to get mugged in Echo City.


But it's not muggers Charles has to worry about; it's monsters. When another kid in the building gives Charles the card for the local monster mediator, Charles learns that there's a whole world of trolls, goblins, ghosts, and vampires lurking in the shadows. And while Margo might be a mysterious badass, she doesn't solve monster problems with violence. (In fact, from her point of view, it's not always kids who have a monster problem; sometimes it's monsters who have a kid problem.)

Charles, who also happens to be an aspiring journalist, is immediately fascinated—and not just by the monsters. Who is this Margo Maloo character? Why doesn't she want any adults to learn that monsters exist? Could she be in league with the monsters, or perhaps even a monster herself? Charles is determined to find out, and we get to watch Margo's strange and funny investigations along the way.

[The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo]

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