A Wave of Cattle Mutilations and "Strange Lights" in Argentina

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Last week, seven cows were found mutilated on a farm in Southwestern La Pampa, Argentina. These were just the latest in a wave of such mutilations, which locals say occur on a cyclical basis.


Central Argentina is full of people who tell stories of strange lights that accompany outbreaks of cattle mutilations. In the past, scientists have blamed the mutilations on rats or downed power lines. But local UFO researchers say that this latest rash of mutilations are clearly not caused by animals.

According to UFOlogist Quique Mario:

A veteran farmer stated, "The lacerations are not normal. There are no signs that the animal even tried to fend off an assailant. Rather, it appears to have fallen asleep on the ground." . . . [The definitive scientific] report, which was not circulated at all, was the one furnished to CEUFO by an official with the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of La Pampa. After a year of experiments and comparisons, they ruled that THE INCISIONS WERE MECHANICAL – that is to say, produced by an element having nothing to do with the teeth of rodents or carrion animals.

For a long time, report the researchers, animals would steer clear of the bodies of mutilated cattle. But now the mechanically-altered cows are starting to look tasty to animals again, and ranchers report that carrion-eaters will go after the corpses of mutilated cows that have been sitting out for a week or more.

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Could this be the work of aliens? Perhaps aliens who are learning to make their mutilated cows tasty for everybody again? No one can say for sure. But now that cattle mutilations are on the rise again, Central Argentinians are coming forward with stories. A rancher from Embajador Martini, Province of La Pampa, recalled an incident from 2007:

At 14:00 hours, I witnessed a stampede produced by a circular beam of light, measuring 2 meters in diameter approximately, issued by an object that traveled at a normal altitude and speed, shaped like two soup-bowls joined at their edges.


Looks like our floating soup bowls are back. So if you're in Central Argentina, please keep your cows in the barn tonight.

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"...shaped like two soup-bowls joined at their edges."

So, it looked kinda like a flying bra??