A Walking Dead Spin-Off Character Will Join The Regular Walking Dead

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When The Walking Dead spin-off series was announced, the producers were adamant that it would feature all new survivors in a new situation, namely the earliest days of the zombie apocalypse. Apparently now they've realized it might be somewhat helpful to have a more direct tie-in between the old show and the new.


This is probably why The Nerdist is reporting that one of the characters from the prequel will be part of a six-episode arc in the sixth season of The Walking Dead. It'll obviously be the character's future, so viewers will know that he won't be dying in the prequel series, but maybe it'll convince those people who love The Walking Dead but maybe aren't sure they want more Walking Dead that they should check out the spin-off.

By the way, The Nerdist also reports that the series will be titled Fear the Walking Dead, which... which is... well, it's pretty terrible. Seems like The Rising Dead would be a much better choice. AMC, if you want to use that, just email em andI'll tell you where to mail the check.


[Via Warming Glow]

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just go full on lazy and call it Walking Dead: Los Angeles