A Video Game Character Takes Determination to New Levels in This Animated Short

Image: Screen grab via Vimeo
Image: Screen grab via Vimeo

Usually, when a video game presents a seemingly impossible challenge, it’s the player who gets cranky. In Anthony Falleroni’s short Jumpy, it’s the hot-pink rabbit onscreen who becomes outraged—and more determined than ever to succeed.

The animation here is very simple, and the concept is, too—but you’ll seldom see a film capture the white-hot feeling of furious frustration so effectively. The soundtrack is also somehow the perfect blend of bleep-blorp sound effects and synth-tastic emotional roller coaster.


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Pretty much every video game I have ever played has felt like that for me. Especially the part where the other players zoom by and are having the time of their lives while I endlessly fail and tear my hair out.

Come to think of it, real life feels a lot like that, too. I guess that’s the point. Or a point, anyway.