A video compilation of every single creative influence "borrowed" for The Matrix

Check out the latest addition of "Everything Is A Remix" — this time focusing in on the cultural influences "borrowed" for the Wachowski's Matrix movie. So perhaps when Neo said, "I know Kung Fu" he really should have said, "I know Kung Fu movies."


Via RobGWilson.com

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Don't forget: you know who did the fight choreography for The Matrix? Yuen Woo-ping. Who did the fight choreography for *all* those linked movies? With probably one or two exceptions: Yuen Woo-ping.

The thing that cements The Matrix's place as one of the best movies of 1999, for me, is this: it brought all these *very* cult artifacts (Kung Fu movies, The Invisibles, Dickian paranoia, etc.) into a movie that made lots of money and never talked down to its audience. Totally derivative, sure.