This week in the world of cartoons, Finn & Jake get a visit form an old pal on Adventure Time, Archer spends some time at the U.S. border, and Fishlegs takes the spotlight on Dragons: Riders of Berk.

We also pay homage to what are very likely the next to last episodes of Green Lantern: TAS and Young Justice: Invasion. They will be missed.

TMNT & Gravity Falls are off this week, but should return on March 15th. Ultimate Spider-Man is currently on hiatus. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Green Lantern: The Animated Series – "Ranx"

In the next to last episode of Green Lantern: TAS, the Lanterns learn that the decapitated head of the Anti-Monitor is indeed in working order.

Check out this clip for some excellent banter between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, as we learn John Stewart is now the new Green Lantern of Earth.

Young Justice: Invasion – "Summit"

It's the next to last episode of Young Justice: Invasion , so sparks will be flying as the team battles the Reach.


Check out this clip for some Light versus Reach action.

Adventure Time – "The Great Bird Man"

Finn & Jake head into the Bad Lands this episode from Monday in search of the Great Bird Man.


Along the way Finn & Jake meet an interesting character, the former Goblin King Xergiok, who is now much, much more chill.

Regular Show – "That's My Television"

Staying in line with the quirkiness of the Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby attend a panel celebrating their favorite 1980s television star, a talking robot named RGB2.


It turns out that RGB2 is a prisoner of the television studio, so Mordecai and Rigby attempt to free him in this episode from Monday.

Dragons: Riders of Berk – "Gem of a Different Color"

Fishlegs takes the lead in this episode, as he uncovers a glowing gemstone and becomes the target of a pack of Changewings.


Archer – "Coyote Lovely"

This week, ISIS sends out Archer, Cyril, and Lana stop a human trafficking operation.


Archer falls in love with one of the ring-leaders, shoots Cyril, begins to believe he is autistic, gets some unlicensed surgery, and befriends a loving new mother figure. That's one hell of a show.

Archer clips are possibly NSFW. It's Saturday morning — you can probably risk it.


Top image courtesy of FX. Dragons: Riders of Berk airs Wednesdays on Cartoon Network. Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Clone Wars air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network. Archer airs Thursday nights on FX, while Adventure Time airs Monday night on Cartoon Network.


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