A very rare moment of Sir Alec Guinness not crapping on Star Wars

Harrison Ford has often been grumpy when asked about Star Wars, but compared to Alec Guinness, he might as well have been signing headshots on the con circuit. Guinness hated the movies both before and after he starred in them, but in this 1977 interview he has nothing but praise — faint praise — for the film.

The footage comes from Parkinson, the long-running and mega-popular British talk show hosted by Michael Parkinson, and features Guinness making less-than-bold proclamations such as he "liked" the movie, and he "had to go on turning the page" of the script. But he also says Star Wars has "a marvelous, healthy innocence," is "wonderful to look at," and has "sort of a wonderful freshness to it."

Of course, he also manages to get a few semi-subtle digs in, both regarding the movie's simplicity, his disdain for the film's dialogue, and his refusal to give a shit about the story, evidenced by his inability to even try to explain what's going on in the movie clip Parkinson airs. Still, this is all effusive praise compared to things he said about Star Wars when he wasn't required to help to promote the film.


[Via Cinetropolis]

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Jason Shankel

"Star Wars has a sort of wonderful freshness to it...from a certain point of view."