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A Very Quick Guide To io9 Commenter Forums

Illustration for article titled A Very Quick Guide To io9 Commenter Forums

In response to your demands, we've made io9 commenter forums even easier to reach. Here is the Very Quick Guide to our discussion forums.


Observation Deck:
Many of you already visit our general discussion area, Observation Deck. That's where you can talk about anything you want, from tonight's episode of Caprica to which novels you should read next. Now it's even easier to make a comment on Observation Deck - you can do it right from the navigation bar at the top of the front page where it says "Begin Communication." Just fill in that box, hit enter, and you've commented! Or add the tag #observationdeck to any comment if you want it to show up there.

Visit the Calendar forum to announce everything from local author readings, science presentations, new books, or to make plans to hold an io9 meetup in your area. Or add the tag #calendar to a comment on any post to get it listed on Calendar.


Got a tip for io9 editors or commenters? Post it in the Tips forum! We publish the best of the tips forum every week in our Tuesday Tips column.

See a typo or other error in a post? Let us know! Post it, with a link to the post, in the Corrections forum. Or add the tag #corrections to a comment on any post to make sure we see that you have a correction to report.

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Is there any real reason we couldn't have a more standard forum setup for this kinda general chat?

Like the rest of the internet?