A vampire and a zombie walk into a bar... to swing dance?

Last night the monsters grieved — by dancing. SO MUCH dancing. Aidan danced, Sally danced, Josh danced with his fists on some dirtbags face. The tiny dancers of that supernatural Boston apartment on Being Human got down with their sad selves last night.

Spoilers ahead...

Vampire Henry is allegedly dead. This is something I cannot believe, but for the sake of the show — OK sure, why not? Aidan drowns his sorrows the only way he knows how, by dancing out his feelings. So the very old vampire goes out to the local Spencers, picks up a laser-party machine and throws what we're assuming is some sort of Canadian rave. Then he just parties SO HARD. This pattern continues, climaxing in the traditional television shame shower. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with this guy just yet — kind of ready for his plot to take flight, but we can be patient for maybe one more episode. I will say that I do love his newfound friendship with Sally. She's getting the banter down pat: "This place smells like Hep C" got a laugh out of me. And their little swing dance session was as cute as cradling two puppies in a picnic basket.


That being said, I don't really want these two to hook up, it feels wrong. But the friendship connection is there — case in point, the "do you want to die" scene. While it was great watching Sally call Aidan out on his "forever alone" dance, I didn't like that she was straddling him. But this also allowed for that great "my heart is over here" gag. I like these two being silly together, it works. Just no kissing, please.

Meanwhile the whole "RJ newly adopted werepup" storyline was kind of bunk. Bottom line: RJ is gross and the puppy makes terrible decisions. He didn't even seem that grossed out when he found out she was 15! The age of consent in Boston is 16 pal. However, I did enjoy Nora's attempt to subtly hint that she didn't want to get married to Josh just yet. Poor Josh, this had bad idea jeans stink all over it. The hardest thing you can do is tell someone you love you're not ready to love them. Nora's "not now" moment was executed so perfectly it was simply crushing. However it's strange that these two live together, adopted a daughter and performed the ritual marriage murder together, and yet, Nora is still not ready to be married. Could this have more to do with her attraction to her wolfy side than her worries about her relationship with Josh? They were hinting at this major difference in opinions last week, I'm definitely excited to figure out what's going on inside her head. Werelady is about two or three episodes away from a complete breakdown.

In conclusion, I leave you with these gifs of Aidan dancing, you're welcome.


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