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This week cult worship is spotlighting A Cadaver Christmas, which is exactly the kind of bloody indie holiday film we adore. A few concept stills from The Last City destroy the Big Apple. And, finally, a Twilight for guys.

Illustration for article titled A Twilight film for guys and one very zombie Christmas

A Cadaver Christmas

One thing we love here are holiday-themed horror flicks. So we're very excited about this holiday romp with the zombies Cadaver Christmas. A janitor, a drunk, a bartender, a small town cop must all ban together to fight an invasion of college co-ed zombies.


A Cadaver Christmas - Clip from Joe on Vimeo.

A Cadaver Christmas Trailer 2 from Joe on Vimeo.

The Last City

Quiet Earth has a collection of new concept art from the film The Last City, some of which we've displayed here. And as you can see the old Lady Liberty is once again getting her fair share of post apocalyptic beat downs.

Set in post-apocalyptic New York City, "The Last City" is a noir CGI thriller that follows detective Michael Blake, who sets out to avenge the brutal murder of his brother Gabe and save hispregnant widow (May) from the clutches of New York City's overlord, Max White. As Blake strikes down White's henchmen one by one, street battle after car chase, his vengeance begins to takeon a new meaning. He realizes he is leading the hope of his brother's underground society to a new salvation by challenging White's grip over the city.

Blake, in all his fury, brings a full assault to White's doorstep by rousing the spirits of the underground survivors and arming them to challenge White's authority. By the time Michael reaches White, the fight brings him to the edge of hell on earth where the victor determines the fate of the human race.


Twilight For Girls

Instead of two guys fighting over one girl, what if Edward and Jake were two girls in underwear? It's a totally lame joke but the street interviews from adoring dudes kind of make the premise hilarious. Especially the "this is the best acting since Reindeer Games," snub. But men ogling three girls making out are up their with the latest trend of frat boy "Ice" jokes.

[via Scifi Wire]


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