A tween girl designed the coolest TARDIS console yet

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Check out the awesomeness of this incredibly weird TARDIS console, complete with coat-hanger, skipping rope and telephone wires that make tea. And satnav! It's the work of Susannah Leah, a young viewer of the BBC's Blue Peter program.

Spoilers ahead...

Susannah's design was featured in yesterday's Doctor Who adventure, "The Doctor's Wife." The BBC just uploaded the highest res version of Susannah's absolutely stunning drawing to the show's official site.


Here's our discussion of last night's episode, and the Blue Peter segment from the other day, where Susannah got to see the console she designed in action, via Blogtor Who. (Warning: Short clip of the episode and minor spoilers for the adventure included.)

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James Whitbrook

I love the inclusion of a spray bottle of vinegar in the off chance a Slitheen gets aboard the TARDIS again! Does the ship's supposed Temporal Grace mechanics prevent the deadly use of Vinegar?

The invisible ink pen rack is such an Eleventh Doctor-y thing to have too. I can imagine him scribbling silly little notes to himself just so Amy and Rory can't see them!