A True-Crime Podcast Bleeds Into Real Life in Horror Short Meet Jimmy

She has no idea who she’s about to meet.
She has no idea who she’s about to meet.
Screenshot: Vimeo

Our pals at Short of the Week highlighted this little chiller from David-Jan Bronsgeest—which he admits owes a debt to The Ring, among others—and noted that it’s already on track for a feature expansion. Once you watch it and Meet Jimmy, as the title suggests...you’ll see why. Listen at your own risk!


The popularity of true-crime podcasts is at an all-time high right now, and it makes a certain macabre sense to introduce a supernatural element into the binge-listen process. Serial killers in horror movies are fond of tapping into any means necessary to get to their prey—think Freddy Krueger and dreams, in another Bronsgeest influence: A Nightmare on Elm Street. A leap from the podcast streams into reality feels like a 2021 thing to do. And the laundromat setting just makes it even creepier, doesn’t it?

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I laughed out loud at the opening. “They say if you listen to it Jimmy will appear before you.”

I get that shorts need to establish their rules quickly, but that was just hilariously on the nose.