A Troubled Student Is Haunted by His Old Imaginary Friend in Daniel Isn't Real

Maybe don’t hang out with your imaginary friend.
Maybe don’t hang out with your imaginary friend.
Image: Samuel Goldwyn Films
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The producers of Mandy are working on what looks to be a psychedelic, unnerving take on the traditional doppelganger story. Daniel Isn’t Real is the story of what happens when you rekindle your relationship with your childhood imaginary friend, only he’s an edgelord now and he maybe also wants to murder you.


Check out the trailer, put out by distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films last night, which is really a remarkable thing. It’s full of color and dread and paints the movie as something more fascinating than a Fight Club riff. Though, yeah, it does also seem to be a Fight Club riff.

Daniel Isn’t Real stars Miles Robbins as Luke, aforementioned real person, and Patrick Schwarzenegger (yeah, Arnie’s son) as imaginary toxic friend Daniel. It’s directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. It looks wild, and it’s out December 6.

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This won best of show at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival out of 24 films. It was definitely the fan favorite; everybody was talking about it all week.