It probably won't melt your face off like yesterday's newest trailer did, but if you have some time, you probably ought to check out these five(!) new videos looking at the making of the second Avengers movie, because there's some good stuff in here!


First up is a three-part featurette from Cineplex, which features the stars and director Joss Whedon talking about the new characters, the new challenges, and that enormous action scene we saw in yesterday's trailer — which, as it turns out, is set in Seoul, South Korea. If you only have time to watch one of them, make sure its part 3, as it takes a look at the different prop versions of Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, and Hawkeye's arrows. It's quite neat.

Then there are two clips from Entertainment Tonight, which feature the usual painfully banal ET interviews. Still, if you like to see the Avengers' cast cutting up and goofing around, it's worth sitting through.

[Via /Film]

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