Australian horror film Prey is coming out on DVD next week, retitled for Americans as The Outback. Because zombies and situational lesbians just scream "steakhouse." In any case, this chainsaw-slashing zombie attack scene is actually quite good.

For some reason the zombies in this movie are fire zombies, so they have flames coming off their faces and stuff. It's kind of neat-looking. And the rest of the movie is a jolly piece of cult silliness, with Australian actors playing a bunch of Americans on vacation in Australia — it's worth renting just for the fake American accents alone. Plus the fact that there are some bizarre continuity errors, like in one scene they'll have two cars, then three cars, then two cars again.

But mostly, it's worth checking out for the CG snake pit that the burn-faced zombie husk of their friend tries to shove them in at the end. Oh, and for the random sexiness. As one reviewer on IMDB puts it, "Who knew that happily coupled American/Australian girls were so inclined towards lesbianism during a time of crisis?" And then there's this fantastic scene: