Nobody thinks a Total Recall remake is a good idea, but it's still happening. And now it's been announced that Underworld director Len Wiseman is in final talks to direct, from a script by Equilibrium/Ultraviolet director Kurt Wimmer. This will be a new "contemporized" adaptation. The press release quotes Wiseman:

I've always been fascinated with Philip K. Dick's short story, and I'm excited at that prospect of diving even deeper into the type of world it evokes and the questions it asks. I love that the most crucial mystery our character is trying to solve is the one of his own soul.

As UGO's Jordan Hoffman puts it:

Aronofsky to remake RoboCop? Okay, I'm curious. Len Wiseman doing Total Recall - smells like Rollerball all over again.


[Coming Soon, via Jordan Hoffman on Twitter]

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