A Ton of New Game of Thrones Details Tease Some Unlikely Alliances!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

The Flash teases the arrival of Harrison Wells—and the new Firestorm. Go behind the scenes in new pictures from Batman v Superman. Jessica Jones has a cool new poster (and a teaser for a new trailer). Plus, clips from Agents of SHIELD, and Doctor Who, and new Supergirl pictures. Spoilers Now!


Joe Dante has unveiled his new horror movie project: a movie that tells “the tale of a paranormal investigator and psychiatric researcher who join forces to explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility, hidden within the Budapest Labyrinth. When supernatural forces confound and torment the group they begin to question their own sanity. To escape they must quash their fears and lead their team to find and destroy the dark heart of the maze.” [Shock till you Drop]


Star Wars: Rogue One

A new rumor is working its way around the internet, claiming that Christopher McQuarrie has been brought on to work on the script for the movie. McQuarrie’s work was allegedly short polish and tightening of Chris Weitz’s script, but without confirmation, it’s best to treat this as a firm rumor for now. [/Film]

Friday the 13th

The new Friday the 13th movie has been pushed back by Paramount: it’ll now release on January 13th, 2017. [Coming Soon]


Kingsman 2

The Kingsman followup also has a release date now as well: June 16th, 2017. [Coming Soon]


Batman v Superman

As part of their cover story for the film, Total Film has released 4 new pictures from the film—the two images at the link are stills from the SDCC Trailer, but the behind the scenes images below are new. [Coming Soon]


Game of Thrones

George Georgiou, who portrayed Razdal the Yunkai slaver in the show’s third season, will return in season six. And it sounds like the slavers of Yunkai and Meereen will be joining forces. [Watchers on the Wall]


Speaking of returning characters, following the revelation that Brynden the Blackfish is returning, news that his nephew Edmure Tully, played by Tobias Menzies, will return for the scenes set in the Riverlands. [Watchers of the Wall]

Fan site Los Siete Reinos has released a set report on filming in Northern Ireland, confirming the arrival of two different characters into several arcs being filmed there. First off is that Gwendoline Christie has been sighted filming as Brienne of Tarth. Christie was allegedly filming at scenes being shot for Riverrun, leading to speculation that at some point Brienne will reunite with Bronn and Jamie Lannister during their story there.


Another report covers fallout from the huge battle in the North featuring an amalgam of different Northern Houses and Jon Snow—apparently Davos Seaworth will throw his lot in with Jon following the death of Stannis, as Liam Cunningham was present at the wrap party with the crew following the completion of the battle. As ever with these set reports, take it all with a sprinkling of salt for now, just in case.

Here’s a few pictures of filming in Mesa Roldan, Spain, featuring Daenerys and some Unsullied soldiers.


The Flash

Grant Gustin teases Barry’s relationship with the recently-arrived Harrison Wells of Earth-2:

It’s not Eobard Thawne, it’s actually Harrison Wells. It’s the actual guy that Barry always idolized and looked up to, but [he’s] from a different world… Barry is wanting to trust him and he’s actually, in a way, quicker to trust him than he was to trust Jay.

We’re shooting [episode] nine now, and the layers are still getting peeled back. The relationship has not defined itself yet, fully.


[ET Online]

Although the Firestorm Matrix will pass on to Franz Drameh’s Jay Jackson in next week’s episode, it looks like Robbie Amell will return to the show as Ronnie Raymond. The actor posted a new picture to his Instagram page with Drameh, with a telling comment:


Ash vs Evil Dead

A preview for the series will air during an Evil Dead movie marathon on Starz the day before the premiere. [Coming Soon]


Jessica Jones

A new “motion poster” has been released, teasing the arrival of a full trailer for the show coming tomorrow.



A gallery of pictures from “Stronger Together” has been released—more at the link. [Spoiler TV]


Agents of SHIELD

Discover what happened to Simmons when she was first teleported to the Alien world in a clip from “4,722 Hours”

Doctor Who

The Knightmare stages a highway robbery in a new clip from “The Woman Who Lived”.

The Originals

Finally, Jackson challenges Hayley to a sparring match in a clip from “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans”.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Game of Thrones.


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