A Tipsy Wedding Guest Gains Some Very Wild Superpowers in This Funny Short

You should not ask Katy if she wants to catch the bouquet.
You should not ask Katy if she wants to catch the bouquet.
Image: Vimeo

Who among us hasn’t had some kind of teary meltdown or earth-shattering epiphany at a wedding...especially during the reception, when one’s emotions can start flowing like free booze? Patrick Muhlberger’s The Katy Universe one-ups that experience by adding superpowers into the mix.


Filtered as a drunken phone call to an ex-boyfriend, The Katy Universe follows our wobbly protagonist (an endearing Mary Holland) as she recounts the moment she realized, mid-choreographed dance routine alongside all the other bridesmaids, that “I am a speck, on a speck, on a timeline that stretches on forever.” That mind-warping realization—along with several gin and tonics, gallons of millennial single-gal frustration, and just a few toots of cocaine—translates into a manifestation of powers that would make Carrie White envious.

Or does it?

Truly, it’s a supervillain origin story that could only exist in the Instagram era, and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “wedding crasher.”

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I was thinking two things the whole time: 1. That guy must have the longest voicemail in history. 2. Cocaine is a helluva drug.