A Time-Traveling Romance Film Is Coming From the Creator of Ghost World

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Most people know Daniel Clowes as the creator of Ghost World, but that’s just because it was made into a movie. He’s done many highly acclaimed comics and now another one is getting the movie treatment: Patience, about a man whose wife (named Patience) is murdered. Then, 10 years later, he discovers a time machine that allows him to go back and dive into the past of the woman he loved.


Patience, which was published earlier this year, has been acquired by Focus Features. Clowes, who was nominated for an Oscar for his adaptation of Ghost World, will be writing the screenplay for this film too. There isn’t a director attached yet.

I have yet to read Patience, but I’ve heard great things. The mix of science fiction with human drama feels perfectly in the wheelhouse for Clowes and I can’t wait to see how this story plays out on screen.


Rather unsurprisingly, Jim Brooks, the head of production at Focus, agrees. “Daniel’s story is beautifully imagined,” he said in a press release. “As with all of his works, it is vivid and affecting. Patience will be a thrilling, funny, and moving exploration of emotions we’ve all experienced.”

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The words Romance and Daniel Clowes go together like oil and milk chocolate. I like his work, but there’s an incredible amount of cynicism in it that makes me doubtful.