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A Time Traveler Evades the Law Again and Again in Scifi Short Echo/Back

Illustration for article titled A Time Traveler Evades the Law Again and Again in Scifi Short iEcho/Back/i

In Tristram Geary’s Echo/Back, a strange virus strikes that enables the infected to time travel, but only in very short bursts—mere seconds into the past or future. The results are mostly chaotic, both for the world at large and the film’s protagonist, a thief who uses his strange ability to outmaneuver police in an extended fight scene.


There’s no dialogue here as the time-traveler weighs in with an exposition-heavy, voice-over monologue throughout the film. But despite Echo/Back’s quick seven-minute running time, you really get a sense of its high-concept premise—and how such a small, specific change to our concept of time would alter reality as we know it.


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I saw the photo and thought, “that looks like David Ashby from Danger 5,” and it is.

Looks like he’s been working on shorts lately. Though this is the first thing I’ve seen him in that isn’t a comedy. Here’s another one based on point-and-click computer games.