A Time Loop Harbors a Killer in the Trailer for Shudder's Lucky

Hello again.
Hello again.
Image: Shudder
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Every night, without fail, a woman must fight off the same mysterious maniac who comes to her house and tries to kill her. That’s the premise for time-loop chiller Lucky—presumably the title is ironic—a mind-bending new horror movie from director Natasha Kermani (Imitation Girl) that’s coming soon to Shudder.

Check out the trailer for Lucky belowthe film was written by its star, Brea Grant, and looks a little like It Follows mixed with Happy Death Day, but with a surreal style and suspenseful tone that feels uniquely intriguing.

The detail that sticks out for me is the fact that the people in the main character’s life—including her partner—are weirdly blasé about this very real, very frightening threat in their midst. What can it all mean, and will the baffled-yet-ferocious target of what appears to be a freaky curse figure out a way to set herself free? Find out when Lucky hits Shudder on March 4.


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Time loop movies are getting a little tired, hopefully it does something different. I want someone to be stuck in the loop so long that it drives them insane and THEY become the OP slasher antagonist.