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A time-lapse of Tokyo, set to the score of Blade Runner

The futuristic Los Angeles of Blade Runner won't exist for another eight years, so photographer Samuel Cockedey shot present-day Tokyo oodles of times and set the resulting time-lapse footage to Vangelis. You can see many more of Cockedey's striking videos at his Vimeo page.

[Via Nerdcore]


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Interesting sidenote... When I first saw the Fallout 3 trailer that uses The Ink Spots' "I Don't Want To Set the World on Fire" I thought it was some lame knock-off of the old-timey song used in Blade Runner ("One More Kiss, Dear"). Well, I liked both songs and looked into it, and as it turns out, the Blade Runner song itself is actually a knock-off of The Ink Spots' "If I Didn't Care". I think Ridley couldn't secure the rights to the Spot's song, so he had Vangelis whip up something that sounded very similair (and not copyright infringing).

The More You Know***