A third Roger Rabbit novel is coming!

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We may or may not ever get to see a movie sequel to the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit — but there's definitely a new Roger Rabbit novel in the pipeline. Gary Wolf, the author of the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit (which became the movie, under a slightly different title) has a new science fiction book out, Typical Day, about a video game system that takes over a man's life.


And Wolf tells Wicked Local that a third Roger Rabbit book is coming:

My first two Roger Rabbit novels, "Who Censored Roger Rabbit?" [the basis for the multiple Academy Award-winning Disney/Steven Spielberg movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") and "Who P-p-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?" introduced and developed the unique concept of "Toons" co-existing with humans. In "Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?" Eddie Valiant, his fuzzy sidekick Roger Rabbit, Baby Herman, and Roger's va-va-voom mate, Jessica, continue their madcap Toonian adventures.


No clue when Who Wacked Roger Rabbit is coming out, but probably long before any movie. [Wicked Local]

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Never new there was a second book and never found the first in library. Did they ever say what toon the Judge was?