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“Blissfull Melodies” is a very short—but still beautifully animated—film from four Gobelins students. The “twist” isn’t really one, but it still leaves you wanting more.

Mohamad Houhou, Valentin Lucas, Myriam Vhin, and Andrei Sitari’s short was “directed for a project on the theme ‘Love’” and once you read that in the description, it’s pretty easy to figure out who the patient on the couch is. If the feather he’s playing with didn’t give that away.


That said, I don’t necessarily think it is meant to be a twist as much as simply entertaining to watch Cupid pour out his loathing for his job to a therapist, and expose how badly doing his job can go. Also, it leaves you with questions. Is the therapist confused? Are all her patients gods and demigods? Or is this just a one time deal? Who got Cupid into therapy? Did he go on his own or did his mom make him? Why the thematically appropriate stained glass? I’m legitimately interested in learning more about both characters in this.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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