We don’t know who she is, or what’s happened to her in the past, but the mute young protagonist of short science fiction film Strawberries has a very special talent—and she’s had just about enough of the mysterious man who’s been ordering her how to use it.

Explains director Rowan Spiers-Floyd:

“My goal was to create a sense of unease. Rather than telling a straightforward narrative, my focus was on bringing a sense of depth and truth to the alternate reality where the story unfolds, leaving the audience to speculate about the nature of this world, what has brought our characters into this moment, and how this scene fits into a large tale.”


Strawberries uses quick cuts and enigmatic images to explain the dark nature of the girl’s powers; by the time you figure out exactly what’s going on in her head, the haunting last shot is on the screen. Simple, but very effective.


[Via Geek Art Gallery]